15 Ways to Integrate Facebook and Email Marketing

Facebook has been undergoing some interesting changes recently, and those changes present some interesting opportunities for email marketers. Facebook may have started out as a way for old friends to connect with one another and new friends to find each other, but it has quickly evolved into a powerful business platform. You can combine the power of Facebook and the connections it creates with your existing email marketing strategies and enjoy great results. These tips can help you integrate email marketing and Facebook in the most effective way possible.

  1. Build a Segmented Customer List
    You already know how important it is to segment your customer list based on demographics, past purchases, stated interests and other factors. Breaking your main email list into different segments makes it easier to give customers what they want, and that is good for business. That segmented list can also help you integrate your email marketing and social media strategies.
  2. Set Up the Right Communication
    Segmenting your customer list is a good idea. Segmenting your marketing department is not. Your email marketing and social media teams need to talk to one another and communicate effectively. Remember – you are building an integrated marketing strategy, and that means everyone has to work together.
  3. Integrate Social Media Icons into Your Emails
    Adding a Facebook like button or Twitter follow icon to your emails is one of the simplest and most effective ways to spread the word and get more people to see your message. You spend a lot of time creating content your readers will find compelling enough to share – adding a sharing button to the email makes it easy for them to do so.
  4. Add Social Media Buttons to Your Unsubscribe Page
    You need to give readers an easy way to unsubscribe from your email messages, but the act of unsubscribing does not necessarily mean the reader no longer wants to hear from you. Adding social media buttons to your unsubscribe page gives users a chance to connect with you on Facebook – a platform many people are now using as a kind of email substitute.
  5. Add Social Media Buttons to Your Sign-Up Page
    If a reader cares enough about your content to sign up for more, they may also want to join you on Facebook. Adding engagement buttons to the sign-up page allows users to do that will just one click.
  6. Create and Share Web-Based Versions of Your Emails
    You spend a lot of time creating your email content, so why not share it with a wider audience. Posting web-based versions on your company Facebook page is a great way to reach more people and get more likes.
  7. Create Buzz with Your Blog
    Blogs were the original social media platforms, and these web logs are still an important part of your social media strategy. Include prompts to join your email list and Facebook buttons on every blog post to engage with your customers.
  8. Use Contests to Build Loyalty
    Everyone loves to win a prize, so use contests and sweepstakes to build your Facebook following and integrate it with your email marketing campaigns. Companies have been using Facebook contests for years, and they have proven very effective.
  9. Use Pinterest to Spread the Word
    Pinterest is the perfect place to put archived emails, screenshots and other visual information. If you do not yet have a Pinterest account, start one now.
  10. Make Your Newsletters Go Viral
    Every newsletter you create should contain solid content readers will want to share. Make it easy for them to share that content by adding a Tweet This button to every newsletter. You can also use your Facebook page and other social media outlets to promote your newsletters and other content.
  11. Use Facebook to Learn About Your Customers
    Knowing your customers better will allow you to more effectively segment your list and tailor your marketing strategy. Use Facebook polls and other strategies to gather the valuable information you need.
  12. Announce Each New Email on Facebook
    Use Facebook to let your followers know that a new email is available. Include a sign-up link in each post so new people can join your list.
  13. Get Retweeted
    Add a retweet link to every email message you create. Encourage your readers to share your message with their followers.
  14. Highlight Your Favorite Posts
    Encourage user interaction by highlighting your favorite Facebook and Twitter comments. Be sure to ask if you can share those comments before posting them.
  15. Test Your Emails
    Use the results of your testing to create more engaging social media content. You can use what you learn by testing subject lines, special offers and email formats to create exceptionally engaging social media posts.

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