13 Tips to Revitalize Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Revitalize your email marketing activities

The world of email marketing is a tough one, even for experienced campaigners. Sometimes your marketing results decrease even if you think you are doing everything right. Campaigns that got great results just a few months ago may suddenly falling short, and your profits may decline as a result.

What can email marketers do to improve their results and revitalize their campaigns? What do you do when things just seem to keep getting worse? Simply abandoning your email list and starting from scratch is rarely the right approach. It took a lot of time and effort to build that list; it would be a shame to give up and start over.

Fortunately there are things email marketers can do to improve their results without making major changes or abandoning a formerly well performing list. The following tips can help you revitalize your email marketing campaigns and get back on track:

  1. Test new subject lines. An unusual or offbeat subject line can get the attention of readers and boost your results.
  2. Use humor in your messages. Everyone loves a good laugh.
  3. Change up your email templates. Using the same template for all your campaigns can reduce your results over time. Consider using responsive templates for your campaigns. A growing number of people are using their mobile devices to check email and respond to messages.
  4. Spice up your newslettersand test your new layout on as many mobile devices as you can. Your recipients cannot respond if they are not able to read your message.
  5. Always include a clear call to action. Your readers need to know exactly what you want them to do (click on a link, buy a product, like your Facebook page, etc.).
  6. Give something away. Everyone loves to get something for free; promoting a free ebook, free consultation or similar promotion can boost your results and get you more business.
  7. Run an exclusive promotion that is only available to subscribers. Everyone wants to be part of an exclusive club.
  8. Offer something unique and uniquely valuable. Give your readers something they cannot get anywhere else.
  9. Make your messages personal and relevant. Including the customer’s name in the subject line may not be enough. Use the data you have on each customer and personalize their messages accordingly.
  10. Use your signup page to tease and intrigue. Posting an intriguing question like “Do you know the secret of success?” or “Did you hear the latest?” can improve your signups and make your list stronger.
  11. Reward existing readers. Giving your list members an unexpected free gift is a great way to build loyalty and make them look forward to your next message.
  12. Celebrate obscure holidays. Send your readers a message celebrating National Donut Day or Eat Peanut Butter Day. Just about every day of the year is some sort of celebration, so the possibilities are endless.
  13. Change your marketing language. Readers may not be interested in joining your mailing list, but they might jump at the chance to join your Exclusive Offer Club. Mailing list infers nothing but spam; being an exclusive customer sounds much more appealing.

No matter how long you have been in the email marketing business or how successful you have been, you can always learn new things and do your job more effectively. If you find that your results have been declining, making a few simple tweaks can turn things around. You do not have to abandon your existing list and all your hard work; a few easy changes can improve your results and make things much better.

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