5 Email Marketing Remedies to Avoid When You Are Getting Low Results


It can be frustrating when all your hard work in email marketing goes nowhere. Doing all that work and seeing few results is difficult, but it is important not to overreact. There is no magical formula to email marketing. Success is the result of many different factors, not one silver bullet.

Following best practices from the beginning is one of the best ways to improve your email marketing success. Even so, there is no guarantee of success and no way to tell ahead of time which marketing campaigns will be most successful.

If your recent email campaigns have been less than stellar, it is only natural to think about what you have been doing and try to fix it. Here are 5 remedies you should stay away from when trying to remake your email marketing strategy.

  1. Making your email list bigger by purchasing or renting new email addresses. Email marketing is about quality and a genuine relationship with your subscribers. Trying to get a bigger list in a short time by purchasing a database is a very bad idea with so many negative consequences. If you want your business to succeed, you need to grow your list naturally, work on cleaning your existing list and offer your readers exactly what they want.
  2. Create sensational subjects in an attempt to increase open rates. Always tell the truth in your emails. Avoid promising things you cannot deliver. Making unbelievable (and unsubstantiated) claims may increase open rates temporarily, but it will not get you many conversions.
  3. Hide your real identity. The “From” field of your email is a critical piece of the puzzle, and it should only contain your name, your site name or the name of your business. Using fantasy names in the “From” line is a known spam technique, and it will get you in trouble.
  4. Make it difficult to unsubscribe. If you are getting a lot of unsubscribe requests, the answer is not to make unsubscribing more difficult. The real solution is finding the root cause and making the necessary changes.
  5. Sending the same message over and over. Repetition is a bad idea in email marketing. If your last offer or promotion did not get the results you hoped for, repeating that offer is unlikely to generate a different outcome. Sending the same message over and over again will only succeed in annoying your subscribers.

All email marketers, including professional and experienced ones, fail sometimes. When those failures occur, it is important to learn from the mistakes and fix them the right way. Doubling down on what you are doing wrong could do significant damage to your business and even cause the death of your email marketing strategy.

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