Revitalize your Email List with Facebook Custom Audiences


If you want to revitalize your email list and gain new customers, Facebook can be your best friend. The Facebook Custom Audiences feature is a powerful tool for email marketers, and one you should be taking advantage of.

The new Facebook Custom Audiences feature makes it easier than ever for email marketers to reach the right customers. Once the feature is set up, marketers can use their own contact lists to reach people with targeted ads. These targeted ads appear right on their Facebook page – a place they are probably visiting several times a day.

For example email marketers can message their existing customers with special offers and promotions. An auto dealer might reach out to customers who recently bought a car and offer them a free oil change or state inspection. An online clothing retailer might use the Custom Audiences feature to offer a free accessory to returning customers. Now matter how they use it, the Facebook Custom Audiences feature is a powerful tool for email marketers around the world.

Uploading an existing email list into Facebook is not difficult, but it is important to follow the right steps. Once you uploaded the list, you can create and send targeted ads to your recipients using the Custom Audiences feature.

To get started, you will first need to download your data list. You do not need anything other than the email addresses, and there are no specific formatting requirements.
SendBlaster PRO allows you to export your email list to a .csv format file very easily. Simply select the list to be exported, choose one of the available exporting methods and click on the Export button.

After you have the email addresses on your computer, go to the Ads Manager section on Facebook and click the “Audiences” tab. Click the “Create a Custom Audience” option.

At this point you should see a pop-up window asking what kind of data you are using. Click the type of file you are using, i.e. data file. Browse to the data file you created earlier and upload it.

When the file is done uploading, just click “Create Audience” and Facebook will do the rest (Keep in mind that according to current Facebook Ads policies, your Custom Audiences must have at least 20 people in them). The algorithms Facebook has created will take the data you have uploaded and match those email addresses to profiles. Facebook has a very good success rate at matching uploaded email addresses with profiles. On average, Facebook is able to find a match for 60-75% of email addresses.

Once the Facebook magic is done and the profiles assigned, you have a way to target your audience and make your ads more effective. You now have a number of custom audiences you can target with ads and other solicitations. It is easy to see why this highly targeted approach would be much more effective than simply sending the same message to every subscriber on your list.

With that custom audience in place, you can now create the ad and send it to all the members of that audience. This targeting can improve your response rate and help you be more successful.

These kind of targeted ads can be extremely effective, and the Facebook Custom Audiences feature makes it easier than ever before for email marketers to reach the customers they are trying to reach. If you are already active on Facebook and engaging with your audience, adding the Custom Audiences feature is an obvious next step.

As with all aspects of email marketing, you are likely to enjoy better success if you have a larger email list to begin with. If your list is not large enough, you should spend time building it up through other ways. As your list grows, you should see better results through the Facebook Custom Audiences feature.

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