Top 10 Customers Questions (with answers)

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions ( + answers) submitted by our users and new customers to help you out.

1. I am using Free Edition; if I upgrade to Pro Edition will my data and settings be preserved?
No worries, no hassle! All data and settings will be preserved.

2. How many emails per hour will I be able to send  with SendBlaster Pro?
Speed and successful sendings depend on your SMTP service, so if we suppose you have a good internet connection (+DSL)m, a good SMTP server (e.g. provided from your ISP, your hosting company) and emails size is around 10 kb, you may use SendBlaster to send around 7.000/10.000 email per hour.

3. I bought a single Pro software license, can I use it on multiple PCs?
As with any personal productivity tool, if you own a single license you can install and use SendBlaster on a single PC only. If you need multiple licenses please contact our customer service (quantity discounts are available).

4. I need to send my mailings from an e-mail address which is different from the one I used for buying / licensing, is that possible?
Sure, you can send your mailings from any address; it doesn’t have to match your license key e-mail address. As an examnple, if you bought SendBlaster as, you can send mailings from, as well as from any other address you like.

5. The license key I received doesn’t work: “OK”button is grayed
Make sure you are entering the correct e-mail address (the one you used when buying) along with the license key – and of course double check that you are not misspelling any of the two. To reduce errors, copy the code from the email in which it was communicated, and paste it into the ‘Activation code’ field in SendBlaster. Verify that you have correctly inserted the same email address that you have used to register, which is now associated with the activation code. Please also make sure you are entering the correct license (Pro instead of Free).

6. Which settings should I use for Smtp?
You should use the same settings you use on your personal e-mail client (Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Eudora, etc); your ISP should give you the right settings (simply ask them something like “Can you tell me your Smtp server address and, if I need an account, my username and password?”). Please also remember to disable any antiviruses or firewalls before sending.

7. Can I change email Pop3 port?
Sure, this is how to change SendBlaster Pop3 port: servername:port format. As an example, if you want to use “” on port 1000, just enter as your Smtp server address. If no port is specified, default port (25) is used for Pop3 connections.

8. Does the license for SendBlaster Pro need to be renewed?
No, the license purchased for SendBlaster never expires and does not require an annual subscription.
Therefore, your purchase of SendBlaster Pro is not limited by time or the number of emails that can be sent.

9. How can I get an upgrade?
Both Free and Pro users can upgrade to the latest release simply downloading the full setup and installing it over the “old” release: all data and settings will be preserved.
However, for safety reasons, we strongly suggest doing a full backup of SendBlaster folder (i.e. C:/Program Files/SendBlaster) before updating.

10. I lost my password and cannot access the program. What can I do?
Please note that it will not be possible to recover your data. However, the following procedure will allow you to reactivate the program.
– Uninstall the program using the Windows Control Panel.
– Manually delete the folder in which the program was installed (e.g. C:/Program Files/SendBlaster), including all subfolders. For security reasons, the database is not automatically deleted during the uninstall (and so will need to be deleted manually).
– Reinstall the program.