Email Marketing Campaign Checklist

Before you hit the send button, it is useful to ask yourself a number of questions. Following is a checklist that will help you be sure you did not miss anything.
Ready to test your email campaign?

1. Am I using a valid FROM email address?
2. Does my brand appear in the subject line or “From” address?
3. Is the subject 40/50 characters (including spaces) or less?
4. Does it relate to the content of the email? Does it create a “sense of urgency”?
5. Does it grab the reader’s attention without looking like spam?

6. Am I sending it to the correct list?
7. Do I have permission to send emails to the people on my list?
8. Did I segment it appropriately?

9. Is my message targeted and relevant?
10. Did I proofread it and include a link to read the email online?
11. Is color scheme consistent wih my brand?
12. Did I avoid words that are commonly flagged as SPAM?
13. Did I choose a pro layout with easy navigation?
14. Do all the links work properly even if images are blocked?
15. Do all images have ALT tags describing the content?
16. Did I create a plain-text version of the email?
17. Did I check how the message appear in different email clients such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, Windows Live Mail ?
18. Did I perfom a spam check to the message?
19. Did I include tracking links to measure opens and clicks?
20. Have I previewed a test in both HTML and text, with images disabled?

21. Did I include an unsubscribe link?
22. Is my physical address included in the email campaign, as required by CAN-SPAM?

23. Is the call to action clear?
24. Is the landing page live?
25. Is the content on the landing page consistent?

26. Did I include referral/send to a friend link?
27. Is it the correct time and day to send my email campaign?