The Reverse Opt-In Process

A reverse opt-in is a great technique for bringing more attention to your newsletter and marketing email. Sometimes it is simply not enough with interesting headlines and a lucrative message. You will need something more effective for people to sign up for information from you.  By using the reverse opt-in technique you stand a much greater chance to expand your reader audience and reach more potential clients.

Before you start contemplating how to create a reverse opt-in, you should understand what the benefits of the opt-in (and doubel opt-in) are. To begin with the opt-in makes sure that people ask for learning more about your service and products. You give them a chance to sign up for your newsletter and marketing emails, which means that your information will get as high priority as it can in their inbox. You can place an opt-in on your website or create a website solely for this purpose of having people sign up for your marketing email. There are several strategies for this and one of the best is called reverse opt-in since it doesn’t start by asking people to join but rather gives something over to start with.

Now, you might wonder what on earth you can give people to have them opt-in for your marketing emails but don’t worry, there is no lack in great offers for reverse opt-ins and they don’t have to cost you much more than your time and special knowledge. One example of a reverse opt-in placed in a marketing email is a video. You create a video where you present your message as a teaser. Once the video is over you give the option to opt-in for more information and support. Another method is to offer real value content, such as a link to a free report, that catch your readers attention.

To sum up, with the reverse opt-in process you do not ask your readers to sign up before they get the goods but you show the goods (at no cost) and, in the second step, ask them to sign up to get more.

This is not a new technique but it can be still effective especially if you are dealing with niche markets. Are you ready to test it?