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5 Things to Do Soon After Sending your Newletter

…so you have just hit the “send” button. It may take a few minutes or even hours to send out your newsletter to your mailing list. Here is what you can do while waiting: 1. Check your email addresses If you have added one or more email addresses that you own to your list (that’s…
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You’re not a spammer, so don’t let your emails get blocked by mistake!

These days, the majority of email servers have an automatic spam filtering service. These spam filters are quite intelligent, but sometimes they can make mistakes and delete (or send to the spam box) completely valid emails. This is a very common problem, particularly with free or low cost email accounts. If you think that a…
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Free and Paid SMTP Services

“What SMTP service do you suggest to use with SendBlaster?” This is a question that customers often ask us. We continue to emphasize that good email marketing needs good SMTP service. In these times there is a wide choice of free SMTP services, offered by different ISPs, hosting companies and Webmail providers. The point is…
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How To Speed Up Email Delivery with SendBlaster?

Is it possible to increase the speed at which my e-mails are sent ? This is a question we receive from our users on a regular basis. Our answer is yes it is, but it depends on a few factors. Today we would like to focus on them. The “weight” of the message Each e-mail…
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What Is Your Email Reputation?

A good habit to follow before sending your bulk email is to look up the IP reputation of your SMTP service. IP reputation is the major contributor to delivery rates, especially if you are sending to the largest ISP’s, e.g. Yahoo!, AOL, Hotmail. Statistics show that 83% of the time, sender reputation is the real…
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Don’t Be Filtered Out as Spam!

Nowadays most mail servers have built-in antispam filters. They are quite smart, but sometimes they fail and delete (or mark as spam and redirect to some “spam” folder) perfectly legal messages; this is a common problem with Hotmail and other very popular free mail services. If you feel a lot of your messages are filtered…
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