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The Evolution of Spam [Infographic]

Enjoy this cool infographic displaying the evolution of spam. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom …you’ll find 5 useful tips on how to not look like a spammer. Via | Marketo

The Bacon Invasion [Infographic]

Did you know that spam has a more legitimate cousin called “bacon” (or bacn)? By definition, bacn is solicited email notifications. The term – originally coined in August 2007 at PodCamp Pittsburgh 2 – refers to solicited messages that seemed as invasive in a users inbox as spam. For example bacon is the Twitter updates,…
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The Legitimate Sender Challenge

Many legitimate senders face an increasing challenge of being designated as spam, even from their opt-in subscribers. People are being inundated with email and may inadvertently designate your emails as spam because they forgot that they have previously opted-in to receive your communications. In other cases, recipients may find it difficult to locate your unsubscribe…
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What are People’s Perceptions of Spam? [Infographic]

The folks at Flowtown put together this awesome infographic detailing a variety of stats around people’s perceptions of spam. Click on the image to view the full-sized version. The data for the infographic comes from the: Ipsos Public Affairs 2010 MAAWG (Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group ) E-Mail Security Awareness and Usage Report. You can access…
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You’re not a spammer, so don’t let your emails get blocked by mistake!

These days, the majority of email servers have an automatic spam filtering service. These spam filters are quite intelligent, but sometimes they can make mistakes and delete (or send to the spam box) completely valid emails. This is a very common problem, particularly with free or low cost email accounts. If you think that a…
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Protect Your Email Address with

Publishing your email addresses in plain text on public sites is not safe anymore. Spam robots and spammers regularly scan forums, blogs, etc to collect new emails and to add them to their lists. For webmasters and bloggers the best solution remains to hide email addresses by using a website form. Visitors can contact them…
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“This is spam” is not a substitute for “Unsubscribe”

According to a recent survey promoted by MarketingSherpa most consumers don’t correctly comprehend the term “spam”: 56% consider marketing messages from known senders to be spam if the message is “just not interesting to me.” But there’s more. Regarding the use of the “report spam” button – the primary tool that internet service providers (ISPs)…
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