SendBlaster 2.0.116: List-Unsubscribe header, Sharing Buttons and New Report Tools

Good news for everyone! We’ve just published a new release of SendBlaster (v. 2.0.116). All SendBlaster 2 users can download it and install it free of charge.
What’s new? We have included some general enhancements and introduced some cool new features that we are sure you’ll love.
In particular:

Facebook & Twitter Sharing buttons
SendBlaster 2.0.116 makes it easy to add buttons to share email content on Facebook and Twitter.
By clicking on sharing buttons, recipients are redirected to their social network profiles. They can preview the article, choose to publish it and share it with their friends with one single click.

Support for List-unsubscribe header
SendBlaster 2.0.116 supports the List-unsubscribe header. Including a list-unsubscribe header brings some benefits in terms of email deliverability: spam complaints, (generated when readers hit the spam button) are expected to be reduced since that the process to unsubscribe is made simpler and immediate. When it’s activated, recipients will see an Unsubscribe button, or link, that they can click if they would like to automatically stop receiving future mailings.

Major ISPs, like Yahoo!, Gmail (select senders only) and MSN have already adopted it.
SendBlaster users can turn on this header by going to Send > Extra settings.
Read more about the List-Unsubscribe header on

Download email address from Trackreports
In this latest release of SendBlaster, users can also install a new plugin that allows them to download a file with the email addresses of recipients who opened or clicked their previous mailings. The list is saved as a csv file, which you can later import into SendBlaster for creating a new, optimized list or updating existing lists.
The plugin works in combination with TrackReports, a free email tracking tool for SendBlaster.

Last but not least, SendBlaster 2.0.116 is fully compatible with High Impact Email – the leading email marketing template software.  SendBlaster users can download a 30 day free trial or buy a customized version of High Impact Email for just 99,00 Euro.
We remind that High Impact eMail for SendBlaster comes with:

  • 600+ eye-catching email templatesgrouped in different categories
  • An easy-to-use email designer
  • A built-in photo editor.
  • One-click upload to SendBlaster

You can download the latest release of SendBlaster from this page.

We’ll roll out more new features within next weeks. Stay with us!