SendBlaster 4: the best Bulk Email Software for Email Marketing

A Quick Guide to the Different Uses of Email Marketing

According to a new survey by Pardot, a marketing company, businesses that market to other firms are changing the way they use email to drum…

Don’t Write Another Terrible Email

Marketing expert Drew McLellan recently received what he called “the worst sales email ever.” It’s a stinker, one hundred words of the daftest communication ever…

This post is part of a series of guest posts authored by internet business consultants and popular bloggers. Today's guest post is written by Marty Diamond.

Guest Post: Why Email Will Never Die

Email has changed the way people communicate in the modern world tremendously. However, despite its significance, some experts feel that email is on its last…

Insights from 5 million emails [Infographic]

According to BoomerangGmail, the average email user receives 147 messages every day, and writes about 40 messages a day. Quite impressive stats that you can…

Nine Tips to Engage Prospects by Email

Securing your first contact with a prospect can be tricky. Prospects are often hidden behind unfriendly administrative staff or voicemail, with calls you make unlikely…

Happy 28th Anniversary Email!

It was 28 years ago today, Aug 30th 1978, when a 16 18 year old guy named Shiva Ayyadurai copyrighted “EMAIL” along with terms like…

Anatomy of an Email

According to there’s a simple structure that emerges across the successful emails, and “just like most movies have three acts”. Here below you can find…

Infographic: Email vs Snail Mail

Email beats Snail Mail 81 to 1! 14.4 trillion emails are sent each year in the US compared to 177 billion envelopes of snail mail….


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