SendBlaster 4: the best Bulk Email Software for Email Marketing

How Psychology Can Help Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign

As consumers, we like to think we are rational when making purchasing decisions. We want to think we take everything into account, from the bottom…

Why You Should Never CC Your Subscribers

It may seem obvious that CC’ing your list subscribers would be a bad idea, but that does not stop some new email marketers from falling…

How to Write a Really Persuasive Email

The average Internet user receives dozens of emails a day, and some people get hundreds. Breaking through all that clutter and making sure your email…

11 Ways to Retain Customers with Email Marketing

When used properly, email marketing is a powerful tool for customer retention too. Custom acquisition cost is a major issue for just about every business….

Set Your Email Marketing Goals Before It’s Too Late

View image | If you want to reach your email marketing goals, you first need to define them. Without clearly defined goals, it will…

Revitalize your Email List with Facebook Custom Audiences

If you want to revitalize your email list and gain new customers, Facebook can be your best friend. The Facebook Custom Audiences feature is a…

The Anatomy of the Perfect Newsletter

The newsletter is a staple of email marketing, and when properly used it can be a valuable tool for converting sales, improving customer loyalty and…

7 Golden Rules to Correctly Collect Email Addresses Offline

No matter what kind of business you run, reaching out to customers via email is an essential strategy for success. You do not have to…

6 Tips on How to Wake Up Inactive Email Subscribers and Re-Engage Them

Building an email list from the ground up is hard work, but it pays off in the end. While many newcomers to the world of…

10 A/B Tests That Every Email Marketer Should Do

Unless you are doing regular A/B tests on your emails and your landing pages, you can never be sure that your email marketing campaigns are…


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