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How to Deal Effectively with Email Bounces

When you embark on a new email marketing campaign, you hope that every one of your carefully crafted messages reaches its intended recipient, but that is rarely the case. Undelivered email is a fact of life in the email marketing world, but it is important to manage those failures and do what you can to…
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This post is part of a series of guest posts authored by popular bloggers and internet business consultants. Today's guest post is written by Giorgio Fontana, content manager at turboSMTP.

Why authenticate your emails with DKIM and SPF

You open your inbox and you find an email from your bank or from a Post Office. No, wait a minute: it’s not actually coming from there. The address has been spoofed: a spammer has pretended to send from an official account in order to trick you better. This happens a lot of time to…
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Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Email Marketing Campaign

Spring is the perfect time to do some much needed cleaning, and you do not have to limit that cleanup to your home. Chances are your email marketing campaign could use a bit of spring cleaning as well. Taking the time to spruce up your list of contacts and make smart changes to your campaign…
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Deliverenderbility – The Key to the Success of any Email Marketing Campaign

The ability to have your carefully crafted emails delivered to your mailing list is essential. After all, your customers cannot buy your products or respond to your offers if they never receive the emails you send. When you send your messages with SendBlaster it is just as important that your emails render properly once they…
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Professional Email Marketing – Why You Need a Professional SMTP Service

Many new email marketers attempt to send out their newsletters, special offers and other marketing materials using the free SMTP servers built into many popular services like Hotmail and Google. What those newbies often do not realize is that those free SMTP services have strict limits on usage, and very low delivery rates to boot….
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What Is Your Email Reputation?

A good habit to follow before sending your bulk email is to look up the IP reputation of your SMTP service. IP reputation is the major contributor to delivery rates, especially if you are sending to the largest ISP’s, e.g. Yahoo!, AOL, Hotmail. Statistics show that 83% of the time, sender reputation is the real…
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Do You Care About Hard and Soft Bounces? Spammers Don’t

How many email addresses in your lists are invalid or not reachable? Nowadays a clean list is a must.  If your list contains a significant number of invalid e-mail addresses, the ISPs may think you are trying to spam and stop delivering your e-mails.   Let’s see how to increase deliverability managing bounce-backs with SendBlaster. First,…
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