SendBlaster 4: the best Bulk Email Software for Email Marketing

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The most trusted form of advertising is a recommendation from a friend. Savvy email marketers can harness the power of a friendly recommendation by encouraging…

17 Effective Ways to Grow Your Opt-in Subscriber List

Your opt-in subscriber list is the foundation for your email marketing campaign. No matter how interesting your content and compelling your call to action, your…

Expand Your Email Content to Cover More than Your Business

Your customers are interested in you. But they’re interested in more than just you. They’re also interested in your industry and in the kinds of…

Designing a Call To Action That Customers Can’t Resist

By the time you have designed your email template, filled it with quality content, and crafted an intriguing subject line, you may be running out…

Creating Effective Welcome Emails

It’s been known for a while that there’s one kind of email that always produces a higher response rate than any other: the first one….

JDate: a Simple Model for an Email Newsletter

Maintaining an email newsletter can be a challenge. Month after month, you have to come up with ideas for content, conduct the research, write the…

5 Things to Do Soon After Sending your Newletter

…so you have just hit the “send” button. It may take a few minutes or even hours to send out your newsletter to your mailing…

Email Marketing Software: How to Create a Newsletter in 3 Minutes

In this short video we show you how to create and send a newsletter with SendBlaster PRO 2 … in less than 3 minutes.  You…

3 Ways to Deepen Your Reader Relationship

The effectiveness of an email campaign is usually measured in open rates, click rates, and eventually, sales numbers. But there’s one factor that affects those…

When to Offer Teasers and When To Give Away the Store in an Email Newsletter

Email marketing can usually be divided into two forms: advertising blasts that contain little more than an image and an offer; and newsletters that give…


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