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What Social Media Can Do For Your Email Marketing

Before the rise of social media, email marketing was the only way to reach people who had shown enough of an interest in a business to visit the website but weren’t yet interested enough to make a purchase. Persuade those people to leave behind an email address and the company could return to them with…
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Reduce Unsubscribers Before It’s Too Late!

In general, if more than 0.8% of your subscribers opt-out of your mailing list, you need to ask yourself why and make some effort to correct the problem. Why Do People Unsubscribe? One of the most common reasons people unsubscribe from a mailing list is because they’re overwhelmed by the amount of mail that’s landing…
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New Hotmail Features: Email Marketing Friend or Foe?

Hotmail feels that it has won the war against spam, having announced that true spam in users’ inboxes has reduced to under 3% using SmartScreen™ filtering. Now they have turned their attention to graymail, the emails that users may or may not be happy to receive. Graymail includes newsletters that subscribers may have forgotten signing up for…
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Share, Share, Share!

The most trusted form of advertising is a recommendation from a friend. Savvy email marketers can harness the power of a friendly recommendation by encouraging readers to share the content of their email marketing campaign with friends and colleagues. A Silverpop benchmark study found that shared emails increase the reach of email marketing campaigns by…
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17 Effective Ways to Grow Your Opt-in Subscriber List

Your opt-in subscriber list is the foundation for your email marketing campaign. No matter how interesting your content and compelling your call to action, your email marketing campaign cannot be successful without a sizeable list of interested recipients. Follow these 17 tips to grow your opt-in subscriber list. Keep It Short & Simple 1. Keep…
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Expand Your Email Content to Cover More than Your Business

Your customers are interested in you. But they’re interested in more than just you. They’re also interested in your industry and in the kinds of products you sell. Book buyers don’t just want to know about a bookstore they bought from once; they want to know about books and authors. Video gamers don’t just want…
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Designing a Call To Action That Customers Can’t Resist

By the time you have designed your email template, filled it with quality content, and crafted an intriguing subject line, you may be running out of fresh ideas. Perhaps that explains why so many email marketers fall back on a boring “click here” button as their call to action. It’s easily understood, but it’s not…
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