What is Mocial Marketing?

It is no secret that mobile communication is growing fast. Smart phones and mobile communication were already important, but the introduction of the first iPhone helped the market grow exponentially. These days, getting information on the go is the norm and not the exception – and that can be a gold mine for smart email marketers.

That is what the term mocial is all about. This new marketing term represents the combination of social media and mobile communication – and it promises great profits for those individuals and businesses who can do it well.

By combining existing social media marketing efforts through Twitter, Facebook and other channels with mobile email, chat and web, email marketers can get their messages in front of more people – and engage those potential customers when they are ready to buy. From sending out restaurant coupons to customers who are already in the neighborhood to targeting vacation offers to commuters on their way to work, the possibilities are truly endless.

Mocializing your own email marketing campaign is not as difficult as you might think. There are already a number of custom applications designed to make your existing email messages look great on mobile devices. These applications are designed to work across a variety of different platforms, including widely used email clients like Microsoft Outlook and Google Gmail. Email is an effective marketing tool, but marketers need to realize that messages can look quite different on smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices. Optimizing your communication for those devices helps ensure that your message – and its content – comes through intact.

Twitter is another great tool for mocializing your existing email campaigns – and for testing the effectiveness of various taglines and subject lines. By using Twitter, email marketers can quickly determine which subjectlines get results – and which are best left on the sidelines. Armed with that information, marketers can then build winning campaigns across all platforms, from PC users to commuters on the go.

While mocializing your existing marketing campaigns means learning some new rules, it also requires that you remember those important old rules as well. The same things that make your existing email campaigns effective – great content, engaging subject lines, solid offers – translate well into the world of mocial marketing. It does not matter how great your email looks on an iPhone or Blackberry – if the offer is not attractive or the message is not engaging it will not be effective.

Mocializing your marketing campaign means crafting the same quality message you already use – then tweaking that message to meet the needs of mobile users.

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