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Gmail Gives Users a Simpler Unsubscribe Option – How Should Email Marketers React?

Google’s Gmail is one of the biggest players in the email arena, so when the company announces a change email marketers immediately take notice. Gmail has recently announced such a change, introducing a prominently displayed unsubscribe button that users can now take advantage of. An Easier Way to Unsubscribe This simplified unsubscribe link will now…
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Gmail Images Are Now Displaying Within Email by Default

When one of the largest email platforms on the planet announces a major change, email marketers need to take notice. Google recently announced just such a change, informing customers that Gmail will now be displaying images within its emails by default. Prior to this change, Gmail users had to manually turn on images within their…
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Yahoo! is Closing Inactive Email Accounts – What It Means for Email Marketers

Email marketing is all about effective communication, so anything that cold disrupt that communication is sure to be big news among experienced email marketers. The recent announcement that Yahoo! Mail will now close down inactive email accounts is just the latest in a series of changes that have challenged the way email marketers do business. How…
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New Gmail Tabs for Bulk Emails: Study on the Impact on Open Rates

There has been a great deal of online debate and discussion surrounding the new Gmail layout. As you may know, Gmail recently introduced tabs that users can use to sort their incoming messages. This new feature includes “Promotions”, a tab designed to hold bulk emails, including the newsletters, blog posts and special offers that email…
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Email Marketing: The Potential Dangers and Benefits of the New Gmail Tabs

When Google makes a change, the rest of the world pays close attention. That scenario is playing out now in the world of email marketing. Google recently launched a new layout for its popular Gmail service. This new layout places all promotions, including those sent by email marketers, in a separate tab. That means Gmail…
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Bye Bye Hotmail, Welcome to the new

The history of Hotmail dates back to the early days of the commercial Internet. Started in 1996, Hotmail offered one of the first free email services in the world, allowing ordinary users to connect with one another through the power of the web. Considering its long history, little had changed with Hotmail, but big changes…
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Don’t Write Another Terrible Email

Marketing expert Drew McLellan recently received what he called “the worst sales email ever.” It’s a stinker, one hundred words of the daftest communication ever to travel through an email server. Here it is: Hi folks, Name Name here from Company Our network of sites reaches a business savvy audience of over 5 million…
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