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The Importance of Using the Correct Charset in Email Marketing

Email marketers need to consider many different things when creating their messages. From the subject line to the content, there are plenty of items to worry about and obsess over. One thing that is often overlooked, however, is the importance of the charset, or set of characters. Using the wrong charset could make your messages hard to read,…
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Main Ingredient Uses SendBlaster to Send Tasty Weekly Newsletters

Main Ingredient is an online retailer, supplying rare and hard-to find gourmet ingredients to South African food lovers. The company is operated by a couple, John and Lynne Ford, and their shop caters to enthusiastic and adventurous cooks, offering a wide variety of products which are not usually available in a single supermarket. Main Ingredient products include salts, spices,…
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The Importance of Alt Tags in Email Images and How to Add Them

You may not realize it, but the Alt tag is a very important part of any email marketing message. Failing to use Alt tags, or not using them effectively, could have a negative impact on your open rates – and ultimately on your profits. To understand why Alt tags are so vital, it is important…
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Track Your Email Messages with TrackReports: A Beginner Guide

Measuring the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns is a key element that every email marketer should consider very seriously. It is only by monitoring your email activites and constantly analyzing the data that you can make your email marketing more effective and reliable. As a SendBlaster user, you are entitled to use a free…
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Add a SendBlaster Newsletter Sign-Up Form to your Facebook Page

Do you own a Facebook Page? Do you want to increase your email subscribers? We are happy to announce that we now have a simple way to increase your email subscribers using your Facebook Page! In just a few minutes, you will be able to embed a newsletter sign-up form on your Facebook Page and…
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Email Marketing for Independent Musicians

The world of music has certainly changed over the past few decades. Where record labels and recording executives once held all the cards, musicians themselves now have the upper hand. Independent musicians are thriving like never before, and they are connecting with their fans on a grass roots level. This connection helps fans feel more…
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How to Manage Subscriptions with SendBlaster Using a Subscription Form

We often receive questions like this: “I want to add a web form on my site to collect email addresses. What do I need to do to manage those subscriptions?” Actually, managing subscriptions with SendBlaster is pretty simple and easier that you think. It just requires a few steps to get started, but after that…
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