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13 Tips to Revitalize Your Email Marketing Campaigns

The world of email marketing is a tough one, even for experienced campaigners. Sometimes your marketing results decrease even if you think you are doing everything right. Campaigns that got great results just a few months ago may suddenly falling short, and your profits may decline as a result. What can email marketers do to…
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Is It Too Early to Use HTML5 Doctype in Emails?

The new HTML5 format is sure to provide some interesting opportunities for email marketers, but it is important to be properly prepared. As with every type of change, email marketers will need to carefully test their templates and their messages. Marketers will also need to stay up to date and keep abreast of changes in…
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How to Calculate ROI in Email Marketing

  Return on investment, or ROI, is one of the most important concepts in the world of business. Calculating the return on your investment allows you to focus  your energy – and  your precious money – on what works while avoiding wasting funds on things that do not generate a real return. When it comes…
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The Importance of Using the Correct Charset in Email Marketing

Email marketers need to consider many different things when creating their messages. From the subject line to the content, there are plenty of items to worry about and obsess over. One thing that is often overlooked, however, is the importance of the charset, or set of characters. Using the wrong charset could make your messages hard to read,…
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Is Email Marketing Right for You?

Email marketing can be a profitable activity and an effective tool for growing your business and building your brand. The problem is that email marketing can only work its wonders if you are prepared to put in the work, do the research and give everything you do the professional touch. If done incorrectly, email marketing…
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15 Ways to Integrate Facebook and Email Marketing

#181391617 / Facebook has been undergoing some interesting changes recently, and those changes present some interesting opportunities for email marketers. Facebook may have started out as a way for old friends to connect with one another and new friends to find each other, but it has quickly evolved into a powerful business platform. You…
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7 Inexcusable Errors in Email Marketing

In the world of email marketing, some errors are easy to make, while others are nearly inexcusable. Newcomers to email marketing often make errors as they learn the ropes and get to understand the rules, but those mistakes should lessen as time goes by. It is important to remember that even experienced pros can make…
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