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How Email Marketing Can Help You Make the Most of the Post-Holiday Season

It does not take much effort to get the attention of shoppers during the weeks leading up to Christmas. During the holiday shopping season, shoppers are eager to find the perfect gift, and they are generally in a buying mood, but as the holidays pass it becomes much harder to capture the attention and the…
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2012 Top Holiday Season Email Marketing Tips

The holiday season is the perfect time for email marketers to showcase their products and gain new customers. The period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is the time when eager shoppers seek out deals and try to find the perfect gifts for family and friends. Those shoppers are already in the mood to buy, making the…
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How Email Marketing Can Benefit Schools and Teachers

Businesses have long used email marketing to sell their products and boost their bottom lines, but schools and other educational institutions can benefit as well. At its core, email marketing provides a “platform” that connects people, be they buyer and seller or teacher and student. Many schools are already seeing success with their email marketing campaigns….
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5 Things You Can Do to Impress Your Subscribers

These days it is not unusual for people to get dozens, or even hundreds, of emails during the course of the day. With all of those messages piling up, it is no wonder so many of them are deleted without even being read. Even emails that are opened are often given only a few seconds…
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“SPAM” Content to Avoid in Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketers must compete not only against one another but against the spammers as well. As spammers have become more sophisticated, the technology used to detect and block spam has as well. That means that if you are not careful, your legitimate marketing message might never reach its intended recipients. Understanding the words, images and…
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How to Incorporate Pinterest Into Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Facebook may get all the attention, but Pinterest is fast becoming one of the most popular sites in the social media space. This unique and very useful site allows users to create their own pinboards, basically the online equivalent of the old fashioned bulletin board. Users are free to add all kinds of interesting items…
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Email Marketing – Two Ways to Sell Information Products by Email

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples of email marketing. Both emails are trying to do the same thing — both are trying to sell an information product — but each of the companies has taken a very different approach to its marketing. We don’t have the figures to show which of these…
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