SendBlaster 3: the best Bulk Email Software for Email Marketing


What’s new on SB2 – SendBlaster Plugins

SendBlaster 2 comes with dozens of enhancements and new features. In today’s post, we’d like to focus on SendBlaster Plugins. We can define them as small external utilities that can be launched from inside SendBlaster’s user interface, in order to add new features to the program.  In other words, they represent an endless opportunity to…
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New! Track Your Email Campaigns and Measure Their Effectiveness With Trackreports

SendBlaster 2 is packed full of new and exciting features that long time users have craved.  This time, let’s talk about Trackreports.  What’s that stuff? It’s a new email tracking campaign service that helps you keep the track of every single email sent with SendBlaster: it will track opens, clicks, and calculate the response rate…
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The Importance of Colors in Email Campaigns

The choice of color scheme for your emails should never be left to chance. Indeed, using email templates made up of colors completely different from those used on your website or your logo could create problems for the cohesiveness of your brand identity. Luckily, with a little care, this danger is easily avoided. Above all,…
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Make Your Emails Go Viral on Twitter

One of the most popular use of Twitter is to post messages that repeat some information previously tweeted by another users. We are talking about ReTweets, a sort of  compliment you can get on Twitter by sharing interesting content. At the moment the most popular tool to retweet is the Tweetmeme. Using the TweetMeme Buttons…
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What Is Your Email Reputation?

A good habit to follow before sending your bulk email is to look up the IP reputation of your SMTP service. IP reputation is the major contributor to delivery rates, especially if you are sending to the largest ISP’s, e.g. Yahoo!, AOL, Hotmail. Statistics show that 83% of the time, sender reputation is the real…
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Web 2.0: 5 Cool E-mail Tools

Do you want to give more power to your email?  We selected 5 Free tools that will allow you to discover new ways to use it. Moomeo – Just launched. It allows people to share emails. You send an email to Moomeo service email address, receive a Moomeo link to you email back, and share…
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FREE Halloween HTML Email Templates

Pumpkins, ghosts, zombies, skulls…yep, it’s Halloween again! And this year we want to celebrate it with you. Our designers have just created some great looking FREE templates to celebrate the scariest and funniest holiday of the year. You can grab our Halloween HTML Email Templates  and use them for your Halloween emails. Feel free to…
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