SendBlaster 3: the best Bulk Email Software for Email Marketing

Email Marketing: Buyers Search Inboxes for Sellers

Photoshelter, a portfolio service for professional photographers, recently teamed up with Agency Access, a marketing firm for creative workers, to find out what image buyers are looking for and how they find photographers. The results included a couple of points of vital interest to email marketers in any industry. The first point was that for…
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You’ve Been Blacklisted – Now What?

As careful as your email marketing efforts may be, a danger might knocking at your door: the possibility of being blacklisted. Whether you’ve just been blacklisted or want to avoid a preventable fate, it’s important to understand what email blacklists are and how to deal with them effectively. First, there are three main types of email blacklists:…
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This post is part of a series of guest posts authored by popular bloggers and internet business consultants. Today's guest post is written by Glen B, who helps individuals and businesses at NetIdnow on how create websites using using WebStudio Website Builder.

Guest Post – How Not To Throw Your Email in the Spam Bin

Email Marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways in pulling off your eCommerce website’s success. But while you are doing an email marketing campaign, you will always be worried if your emails get through the spam filters of your recipient’s inboxes and not to the spam folder. Here are some tips that you should…
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Monitor Spam And Good Subject Lines With Yahoo! Mail Visualization

Yahoo is making life a little easier for email marketers. They recently released a visualization tool that makes the flow of email through Yahoo’s servers more transparent, something that should be of interest to anyone who markets through email. With this tool, you can see the volume of email flowing through any area of the…
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New Hotmail Features: Email Marketing Friend or Foe?

Hotmail feels that it has won the war against spam, having announced that true spam in users’ inboxes has reduced to under 3% using SmartScreen™ filtering. Now they have turned their attention to graymail, the emails that users may or may not be happy to receive. Graymail includes newsletters that subscribers may have forgotten signing up for…
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The Environmental Cost of SPAM [Infographic]

Did you know that SPAM has also a considerable environmental cost? The folks at WebpageFX have calculated the carbon footprint of the world’s spamming activities and they discovered that “a certain amount of Spam emails is actually the equivalent to the level of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions released from driving 3 feet.” In particular 28.5 million metric…
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This post is part of a series of guest posts authored by popular bloggers and internet business consultants. Today's guest post is written by Daniela Baker, who helps entrepreneurs at CreditDonkey with evaluating the best credit card for small business.

How to Keep Your Email Campaign Out of the Spam Folder

The spam folder—every email marketer’s worst nightmare. Once your emails are flagged as spam, your campaign metrics plummet, going from a potential success to an email flop. Thankfully, there are some tactics you can employ to help ensure your emails stay in your recipients’ inbox instead of their spam folder. Here are the tips you…
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