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What is Mocial Marketing?

It is no secret that mobile communication is growing fast. Smart phones and mobile communication were already important, but the introduction of the first iPhone helped the market grow exponentially. These days, getting information on the go is the norm and not the exception – and that can be a gold mine for smart email…
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Email Marketing vs Social Media Marketing [Infographic]

According to this brilliant and informative infographic designed by Host Papa, the duel between email and social media is won by email. “Social media does deserve the hype. But when it comes to results and effectiveness, email marketing comes out on top..” We can’t agree more! Click the image to enlarge

5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

The online world is an increasingly social one. People and businesses and connect with one another with a few clicks of a mouse. You can’t afford to be silent or to bow out of social media marketing, and why would you want to? Social media sites are one of the most cost effective ways to…
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The Explosive Growth of Pinterest

First there was Facebook, but now there’s a new “face” in town. It’s a site that’s attracting a record number of new users eager to jump on board the next big thing. According to Business Insider, traffic to Pinterest has increased by more than 40 times since December of 2011. As of January 2012, Pinterest…
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What Social Media Can Do For Your Email Marketing

Before the rise of social media, email marketing was the only way to reach people who had shown enough of an interest in a business to visit the website but weren’t yet interested enough to make a purchase. Persuade those people to leave behind an email address and the company could return to them with…
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The Death of Email or Premature Mourning?

Email is dead. Swamped by spam, afraid of phishing, and distracted by the latest social media gimmicks, internet users have abandoned email in favor of instant messaging, Facebook, and Twitter. Or so some websites would have you believe. A WSJ article back in 2009 went so far as to say that email itself was dead. “Email…
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Has Social Media Replaced Email Marketing?

Do you worry about lagging behind other companies in the rush toward the social media marketing revolution? Or do you spend so long updating your status, posting, and tweeting that you have little time left to run your business? If we are to believe the hype, email marketing is outdated and a successful marketing campaign…
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